San Maurizio Gourmet - Gemme di Langa

  • Truffle Gourmet

    Truffle Gourmet

    Truffle Gourmet in Monte Carlo at the Marché de La Condamine, is the reference point for Italian excellence truffle based-specialities in the Principality of Monaco

  • Tenuta San Maurizio

    Tenuta San Maurizio Wines

    Wine can tell the story of centuries of human history. The nobility of the oldest and most prestigious drink on the planet can be seen from the origins of its name.

  • Relais San Maurizio
    Luxury SPA Resort

    Relais San Maurizio Luxury SPA Resort

    In the heart of the Langa, Relais San Maurizio, the only “relais chateux” in the area, is an unforgettable place. Refined and romantic, it has become the ideal destination for moments of absolute wellbeing, relaxation and satisfaction of the senses and spirit.

    Try San Maurizio Gourmet products to discover our Made in Italy excellence and quality

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San Maurizio Gourmet
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